Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon
Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon

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Susanne Kindi Fahrnkopf

    Susanne Kindi Fahrnkopf (far-en-kof) was born in Germany and grew up in Southern California, where she studied English Literature at Santa Monica City College.  A poet and flower child of the 60’s; Kindi moved to Cave Junction in 1979 with her husband and two little children to open the Cave’s Cobbler shoe repair and Birkenstock shop. Since then she has raised four children in Takilma and works as a Bookkeeper. Here is her off-beat account of the history of Takilma. She explores the people, places and stories which have made her small alternative community a unique and exceptional place to live.
Kindi has been published in seven Poetry anthologies: The Leaves of Autumn 1983, Spring Symphonies 1985, Day’s of Future’s Past 1989 by the National Library of Poetry, Poetic Voices of America 1998 by Sparrowgrass, Twilight Musings by The International Library of Poetry in 2005, “Sights Unseen: A Door to Enter” by Eber and Wein Publishing in 2010 and again in Best Poets of 2011. Her first self-published book; Siskiyou River Reflections is a collection of her favorite poems inspired by her life in the community of Takilma in the heart of the Siskiyou Mountains.
Other accomplishments include writing a piece for the Oregon Encyclopedia website on the Siskiyou Project and re-writing a family memoir. Kindi compiled, edited and printed her father’s autobiography, called “Wanderer Between Two Worlds” in 2002.

If you wish to purchase my father's book, "Wanderer Between Two Worlds", by Henry G. Rittenhouse, please send $15 through my paypal acct, with a note to ask for it.


Takilma Tales
I introduce my newest book Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon, recently released from authorHouse Press.

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