Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon
Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon


I will share with you selected images from my book, "Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon" with longer descriptions. I will also share with you some other historical photos which I didn't have room for in my book. I look forward to reading your comments in the guestbook!

From the Book
This is the first photo in my book "Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon", at the end of Part 1: The Early History of Takilma: The Native Americans. This is a photo of the Community with honored guest Agnes Baker-Pilgrim who brought the first Salmon Ceremony to the Takilma Community Building in 1994. Photo by Jim Shames.

More Historical Photos
During the Fire of 1987 this photo was snapped of Dr. Jim jamming with Dred Mikal and Chicken Man at the Dome School. Photo by Robert Hirning

More General Photos of the author and related topics, along with people from Takilma. Hope you enjoy! Here I am in front of the Dome School well house with a painting by Alan Laurie.  

Photo by Azusa Kimchi



Takilma Tales
I introduce my newest book Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon, recently released from authorHouse Press.

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