Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon
Takilma Tales: The Hippie History of Takilma, Oregon

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  • mike mulligan (Tuesday, January 02 18 03:14 pm EST)

    I was an occasional visitor to the farm in the years '72-74, mostly to the clinic, I worked at JoGeneral in GP and had access to medical supplies. I live in Montana now, retired, and find the times we live in hard to reconcile with what we thought then the world would be.

  • Shirley Tinney (Friday, September 29 17 01:56 am EDT)

    Hi, I lived on Hope Mountain 1975-1980, with my ol man Scorpio Don. My name was "Reality". Delbert Kaufman is still my good friend. Of course, he and Don did not get along, after Don was paroled into Delbert's supervision by State of California. Don believed that Delbert had filed false erroneous "Animal at Large" charges against Don, with Delbert accusing that Don's horse Rosebud had trespassed and damaged his vegetable garden, filed with Animal Control; because after Don completed his length of parole from prison, with him working for Delbert for free like a slave. He told Delbert he was done with him and was not going to work for him anymore. What made matters worse was that initially I arrived in Takilma as a 15 year old runaway, my parents lived in Grants Pass, my sister was married to the son of then Josephine County Sheriff, Merle James (Jim) Fanning. From this initial charge made by Delbert against Gerald Donald Massey (Scorpio Don) caused further problems, whereas my parents teamed up with the Sheriff trying to separate Don and I from each other, because they did not want me with a three time ex-convict. So they charged Don with Custodial Interference, even though I had been made legal status of Emancipated Minor by Josephine County Circuit Court Judge, Samuel Bowe. Anyways, I left Don in 1980 after he physically assaulted me for the last time while living on our mining claims on Hope Mountain. There is indeed much left unwritten history of Takilma Tales, but you have covered much in this book. Thanks for your caring about Takilma.

  • David Remer (Monday, February 22 16 05:34 pm EST)

    1970 or 71, I spent a summer at the M.F. Farm. It was a lot of great good times and one helluva lot of hard and dirty work, cutting dead firs, hauling them down the mountain side, and skinning them
    which threw off millions of tiny slivers that would embed in your sweaty skin. Glad I did it. Thanks, John W., for hosting me.

  • Richard Steinmetz (Sunday, January 24 16 07:05 pm EST)

    I lived there for a short time,when the rade on the growers turned in to a war .my partner,Nick and i moved there from the dome d helthfood store on the redwood highway Nick faced down the cops as
    thay came in to town and tried to land there helacopters in the feild across from the store.i had just filed for a paton on the footbag NOW SOLD AS THE HACKYSACK the 12 sided one.

  • Chris Higgins (Friday, January 22 16 07:50 pm EST)

    In reference to my 12/13/15 post: I just read the book and I think I spotted Alan (or Allen) Weismueller in a couple of spots. Page 17 shows a photo of "Boogie, Doug & Fuzzy..." - I think Fuzzy
    is my Alan. Page 22 mentions "Allen W", who I think is "my Alan". Does anyone know if Alan/Allen/Fuzzy is still around? Also, I love the book (great job) and look forward to visiting Takilma (from
    Phoenix) someday soon!

  • Chris Higgins (Sunday, December 13 15 10:27 am EST)

    When I was 20 in 1974, my buddy and I did a 10,000 mile hitchike, circling the US & Canada. We got a ride with a young lady and her infant son who were headed to Takilma to see her sister Susie,
    married to Galen, and we stayed for about a week and loved the area and the people. Before that ride we had met another Takilma resident named "Fuzzy" Alan Weismueller, who was a part-time forest
    fire fighter,and we all hit Takilma about the same time. I have great memories of Takilma and wonder if any of the names I mention ring a bell?

  • Steve (Saturday, September 05 15 07:05 pm EDT)


    Steve (clinic steve) shepard has left a new guestbook entry or comment
    at your website http://www.takilmatales.com/:

    I lived on BLM land near the first Funky Egg company and was one of four
    paid volunteers at the Takilma People\'s Clinic (yellow house & Alcorn
    house) I like to think that Takilma helped me grow up. I was there from
    1972-1977 starting the clinic in early 1973 when Jim Shames came out
    from Philadelphia. Was friends with folks from Magic Forest Farm,
    DooDah and Mike Garnier who now operates the TreeSort. Want to discuss
    that era? Feel free to email and ask anything. \"Clinic\" Steve
    (one of the few TPC staff that wasn\'t part of MFF.)

  • JoJo (Tuesday, September 01 15 06:01 pm EDT)

    I was in Takilma in 1970. At the time I was a kid. It was okay in the summer, but I remember having a pretty rough time in our shack once the weather turned cold and wet. In hindsight I had pretty
    irresponsible parents. I have grown up to be a pretty straight right wing guy. I could never imaging exposing my kids to some of the stuff I saw growing up with hippies. I also remember Gilbert. He
    had an old ford tractor if I remember correctly. I think his place was pretty close to the store and had a big meadow that he would plow. I don't think it looks at all the same now as it did back
    then. I remember the first place we stayed was out in front of the Mirage Garage. One of the shacks between the road and the river. We later started making payments on a little place next to Val and
    Sabena about 2 miles (I guess) up the road. I tried to find the place on google maps, but it looks like the trees have grown lots bigger over the years. Looks very different from what I remember.

  • Bruce (Friday, July 24 15 01:03 pm EDT)

    Love the book! I think the web site looks good, clean and simple to navigate. I wish you continued success. I will contact you later with more info.


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